Friday, May 31, 2013

Raanjhanaa Music Review


A R Rahman creates music not just for listning, but for experiencing. RDB, Rockstar had banked heavily on the Music, so seems the case with Raanjhanaa.  In a recent interview he  said the music of  Raanjhanaa is the heart of the movie.  After listening to the songs, i'd say A heart definitely worth loving. 
Title Track -            "High"
It's a track full of Joy and Jashn. With a Classical touch and still a nice rhythm , it both southes you as well as brings you High. The violin part gives me a feel of the 'AHA!' moment. 

Jaswindar Singh and Shiraz Uppal have done a good job. This is one of the best things about Rahman, he doesn't get stuck with the top-of-the-chart singers. Not only does he give new singers a chance, he as well has some thing special for every singer.

Tum Tak-                "Brilliant"
A perfect song.  From the Tum-Tak of lyrics to Tum-Tak of taal...  awesomeness all over. You don't realize when the former slips into the later. Its a burst of creativity. The classical lines definitely call for Goose Bumps.
A must for your playlists.

Aise Na dekho-       "Classic"
A Jazz track sung by A R Rahman himself. Beautifully made and sung. If you have heard him sing " Aaj jane ki zid na karo" on MTV Unplugged, its the second in the line you can say.
Listen to this song twice or thrice and it'll get a place in your forever songs list.

Tu Mun Shudi-      

Mun tu shudam tu mun shudi - I have become you, and you me
What better way to express a Young Leader's promise to his men. As i said, Irshad has an innovation in his lyrics. This is brought out from an Amir Khusro poem of the same title.
 I am a fan of  Rabbi's independently made songs. Though he does his job nicely here as well, but i still feel Sukhwinder would have been the best choice for the scene here. That would give it the intensity it demands.

Nazar Laye na-         "Blue"
Its a soft, soothing Blue song with mild beats and voices of Rashid Ali and Neeti Mohan. Accoustic guitar  adds good flavour to it.
It will definitely be a good choice for your routine playlists.
Irshad Kamil's lyrics has a newness in it, just like in Rockstar songs. I like the two working together. Koi "Nazar Laye na".

Piya Milenge
I think the song was created soulfully keeping Sukhwinder  in mind and he sings it well in his own way. The lyrics are insightful and pertain to the idea of " Look Inside". This song as well has a pinch of folk-classical in it. It seems to be playing a good part in the movie.
 You'd  like to keep it in your playlist if you like Sukhwinder-like tracks.

Ay Sakhi
Its a sakhi-conversation song plotted in classical style with some 'paen-paen' added to it. The implementation is very good. The singers Madhushree, Chinmayi, Vaishali and Aanchal Sethi have sung exceptionally well which makes the song Beautiful to listen.
Again, its a great song, but made for the movie. You might not want it in your playlist.

Land of Shiva
I have always liked the instrumentals by Rahman, 'Himalaya' , 'Dichotomy of Love' etc. They carry a feel in them. This one's got one too, Shiva's third eye has just opened.

Its a nice jugalbandi of Bansuri, Tabla and Shreya's sweet voice. If you like to listen more-of-classical music, you'd like it.
For the aam-listner like me, its not something I'd like to listen to routinely. Though it might play a good part in the movie.

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